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A Little About Us

As a solution-based organization, ImageSource Advertising Group Inc. breaks out-of-the-box, of the stereotypical Ad agencies, or Marketing firms, with a unique one-on-one mentor and management approach - working as your company’s personal Advertising Coach.

Kelowna Advertising with ImageSource Advertising Group

We work closely with the owners, directors and managers of companies and organizations to identify their future objectives, to develop an achievable, long-term brand strategy, and to advise and assist in implementing it.

A Little About Us

Worthwhile marketing strategies and tactics are achievable only within the framework of a detailed long-term business plan. For this reason, our coaching concept works with clients on an on-going basis, or until a set of objectives has been achieved.

Our coaching program offers small and medium sized businesses,  - who either cannot justify a full time marketing team or who want an objective, external view - access to an experienced, results-oriented, advertising adviser.

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A Strong Brand

Smaller companies have added challenges. Often the owners and managers spend so much of their time working 'in the business', that they neglect to work 'on the business'.  

Is that true of you? This is where on-going external advice can be so valuable and so cost-effective.

Working with our team here at ImageSource will help you to identify new, out-of-the-box opportunities for your business, and to eliminate the barriers to future success.

Dan Whitney - President CEO

A Little About Us

In addition to helping you grow your business, ImageSource provides a network of trusted service providers, all of whom are used to working within a sensible budget, and to strict deadlines.These include:

  • Graphic Designers

  • Product and Packaging Designers

  • Web site Designers

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Printers

  • Sign Companies

  • Trade-show Consultants

  • Merchandising/Display Consultants

We look forward to the prospect of managing your company’s marketing needs. Please don’t hesitate to call for a free - no obligation interview.

Several Programs

An Advertising coach is available on a monthly basis, which includes a weekly strategizing meeting, (tele-conference) with the business owner, manager or practitioner.

This is a structured program that reviews every area of the business and establishes an achievable, on-going and progressive advertising strategy, broken down into monthly goals, actions and tasks. This is a goals and action-based program, where your advertising objectives are established and achieved through our working together.

ImageSource Advertising Group : Several Marketing Packages

A Little About Us

Business in the 21st century has never been more challenging or more competitive. In order to survive, companies large and small have to offer products and services that meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace and an increasingly demanding customer.

A brief analysis of any company that has grown rapidly over the last few years - from Starbucks Coffee to the Costco Warehouse - will show the importance of brand management as a strategic component of marketing.

At additional cost, Marketing Workshops are also available for you, your team and associates. These workshops are based on important Marketing topics such as Database Marketing, Goal Setting for Results, Easy Public Relations, Creating a Winning Business Plan and many others. They will be tailor-made for your operation and may be a half or full day in length.

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